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Sea kayaking beneath the cliffs of Bonifacio, Corsica (France)
Sea kayaking beneath the cliffs of Bonifacio, Corsica (France)


Welcome to our site dedicated to sea kayaking and to adventure travel.

As lovers of the great outdoors, nature, maritime navigation and the pleasure of paddle sports, we are experts at organizing and managing customized kayaking trips.

We'll share our universe with you from the coloured shores of the Mediterranean to the cool waters of the North Pacific, and from icy Arctic Ocean to Arabian Sea.



Patrick Ferrando, founder, owner and certified guide French State Certification in canoeing-kayaking, sailing, hiking at medium altitudes and Nordic Pole Walking, with more than 25 years of experience in Europe and elsewhere.


The creation story of Ugayak, a sports and leisure company, is actually your story. A core group of you have been hiking or navigating with me since my humble beginnings in Corsica 15 years ago.

This bond urged me to offer you new destinations throughout the years.

Often dreamt up around the dinner table or during a trip, these routes make me think of you. The trust and friendship you have demonstrated since the start, and my natural passion for discovery and new horizons have brought us together through our shared travels to destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond.

I want to thank you for this renewed trust and your friendship. Today, as sea kayaking becomes increasingly popular across the globe, I hoping to reach as many people as possible, I wish to share the unforgettable discoveries of this activity, which offers unparalleled contact with the sea and the with nature.

Ugayak… a name that represents you.


My passion for sea kayaking and for the discovery of faraway shores, regions and their inhabitants, are the reasons why I choose the adventure of traveling and living outdoors several months a year. Like many animal species and the few peoples that survive in the bare elements, I live several months a year as a nomad, roaming on my own, on foot or by kayak. Come share this nomad lifestyle with me for a few days. Come restore your vitality and the skills you need to live in nature in all its splendour. You’ll be amazed at how your routine and daily habits will dissolve under the starlit sky of our rudimentary camps.

Let your social concerns fade away in an odyssey across the seas or along mountain paths.






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